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When you first meet Steve and Lynn you are immediately struck by their obvious oneness of Spirit and the deep love they share. They are each one wing of a bird that took flight more than fifty years ago.

Celestial Nuggets of AmbrosiaThey began studying the Infinite Way in 1973 after finding a book by Joel Goldsmith and were fascinated, as all previous studies had brought them to this point.

In 1980 they moved from New York to Palm Desert, California and met other students of the Infinite Way. They were then led to the works of Herb Fitch by their Infinite Way teacher, Muriel West Jones.

In the years that followed they forged a deep friendship with Herb, and in 1993 Steve experienced the unique honor being named as an Infinite Way teacher by Herb at his San Diego Easter seminar. This occurred much to the delight of all who were in attendance. Steve felt the spiritual responsibility to be worthy of such an honor and vowed to fulfill that confidence. He was immediately invited to do a seminar the following year in Santa Rosa, California.

On May 1, 1993, the Jay family moved to Maui, and in the twenty-eight years since moving there they live a life contrary to the world, but in perfect sync for their family. They live in unified agreement following the will of God, working together as a reflection of the life they live. This is a result of multi-generations living in spiritual fellowship and Soul creativity.

In 2017 Steve and Lynn were inspired to write some of these sacred happenings, as well as soulful wisdom; spiritual feasts in six exciting new works; three of Herb’s and three of their own, which they are delighted to make available for Souls seeking deeper awareness and spiritual fulfillment.

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 I am truly fortunate, for I feel as though I had been dropped into the midst of Infinite Way groups.  I cannot believe the people I am meeting, and so many of them know of me, only because of Herb.” Maui, 1993

The Mystical Ladder to Elysian FieldsAbout two weeks after Herb’s announcement our family left Palm Desert, California moving to Maui.  Four generations of us settled in one large home.  We proceeded on with our mission of Spirit, under the banner of a family boutique which has been called a front for light.

A little insight into what initially transpired when Herb dramatically altered the course of my life by the impetus he provided into the deep reservoirs of Spirit.

In 1993, when Herb called me into the Infinite Way work, I was employed as an official court reporter in the State of California in the Superior Court, studying mysticism and practicing the presence.  Besides meditating at intervals, I sat in long, nightly meditations between the hours of 10 pm until 2 or 3 am; slept a few hours and got ready for work.  I had an hour commute, just enough time to hear a tape of Herb’s.  This protocol allowed me the balance and detachment needed to work in a stressful environment without disrupting my spiritual unfoldment. In addition, it was a perfect opportunity to bear witness and recognize the spiritual identity of everyone in the courtroom.

At Herb’s invitation to follow in his footsteps I knew I would have to leave the security of the world for the unknown. I had the support of my family at full strength behind me.  This, along with the faith placed in me by Herb, catapulted my leap of faith.

Herb was very clear not to rely on spiritual works as a means of support.  He asked me directly how I was going to make a living.  When I told him, my family was going to move to Hawaii and open a boutique, he simply said, “that will do it.”

As a family we had no prior retail experience, but lots of accumulated faith and trust in our inner resources.  We knew the gifts, talents and determination of our children, Alan, Cyndi, and Greg, and together believed we would be led, and opened a resort apparel shop calling it Moonbow Tropics.

Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch Volume OneAfter Herb’s announcement in San Diego we were immediately embraced by a group consciousness well established in implementation of the principles and in the art of practicing the presence.  Most of these blessed Souls were long-time students of mystic inclination, consecrated students of both Joel and Herb, and many of these called my entry into the work as following in the Fitch tradition.

As soon as we settled in, I began preparing for my first seminar the following year in Santa Rosa, California.  After the seminars in ‘94 and ‘95 we had the joy of visiting with Herb in California and are grateful for that quality time before he passed.

In a flash came classes, visits, letters, and calls from an incredible blend of Souls, attesting to the work being done by testimonies of healings, Soul expansion, and spiritual revelation.  The ripples of this confirmation over these decades have grown into waves of intense and magnificent experiences.

The outpouring of letters we received  from those who have gone before us leave behind timeless truth for Soul consumption.  These letters share a common thread, the desire to move into deeper spiritual awareness and fuller realization by greater surrender to the will and ways of God.

After a series of events unfolded, I was guided to remain on Maui, retreat inwardly, and see whoever wanted to meet and speak to all that called.  I found working in small groups or one on one was compatible to my rhythm in service to God.  It allowed me the way to fulfill that which we were appointed to do.

We all have a unique purpose, and we know our mission is to leave an account of the works of Herb, as he wished.  We have also been charged with a specific purpose of glorifying God as a family in the life we live together.

In 1994 Herb wrote and asked about our children and said, “You are lucky to have each other.”  We believe by his instructions and guidance he sparked the impulse and nurtured our spiritual testimony of grace. He recognized the oneness our family lived by.

Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch Volume TwoIt has now been twenty-eight years on Maui, and we are three generations working together.  We live by combined grace and prove the truth and reality of mysticism by reaching higher and standing firmer, allowing us to impersonally move through the regulations and jump through the hoops of the world of retail, without compromising spiritual values.

We witness the glory of the force of a family wholeheartedly committed to living in oneness and the principles of life, and who hold tight and honor this way of life.  Love, faith, selfless cooperation, and intense, pristine energy is the bar we all hold ourselves accountable to.  We stand, hold, and wait on God together.  We work, laugh and cry together.

It brings us waves of intense joy to see our sons, Alan, and Greg, deep in the practice of spiritual principles.  They live the life of mystics and are pillars of light that shine brightly and unwavering in His service.  It is a great honor and privilege to pass the torch to them, and so, the Fitch tradition continues.

These last decades have been revolutionary, dramatic as Soul unfoldment is.  By the grace of God we are blessed to be moved by inner promptings and impartations received directly from within.  We are privileged to see hints and experience glimpses of a life lived in contemplative meditation as a continuous vibration, where the practice of the presence of God leads to the Presence living out from Soul consciousness as a living experience.

Condensed Wisdom of Herb Fitch Volume ThreeA Glimpse into Your Spiritual Identity